2013 – The Year Of The Rising Part II


20132013 is a year to be wise regarding the investing of your resources. Your most precious commodity is time, which is more valuable than money. I believe God is multiplying wisely invested time this year.

Ways to wisely invest your time:

1. Family/relationships – Your loved ones want your time, not a fancier car. Disneyland is a dream come true to a child, but only if you are there. Last night Bethany pulled out photos of a family sailboat cruise we took when our son Deryck was 2 years old. There were priceless moments spent wisely. Time never given again, yet returning invaluable benefits.

2. Presence of God – A major key to wisely invested time is being where the precious Holy Spirit is working. Go where God is working. Where is God pouring out His presence? Go there. It will calibrate your mind to that of proper priorities.

Young Samuel made his bed where the presence of God was represented by the Ark. Samuel began and ended each day in the presence of God. This heart attitude led Samuel to invest his time wisely. As a result, he was properly postured to hear God calling him.

With this in mind, I encourage you visit our Sought Out events and home encounters. The recent Sought Out Global event called, “The Rising” was a place where God was working. It was powerful and life altering for many that night. People reported not being able to sleep that night after experiencing a significant level of God’s presence. Some mentioned they have “never seen that before”, another reported it being the best service in 10 years. Though we appreciate the encouragement, we are not looking to perform another service as we are desiring a climate that stewards God’s presence for the sake of His glory and the benefit of people.

Another wonderful report came from a women who bent low under the powerful presence of the Lord and took to her knees under the weightiness of God’s holiness. She shares later she does not kneel due to an artificial knee and a deteriorated other knee. She arose from under God’s presence bewildered as she was on her knees and without pain!

Go where God is working. It is important to not squander your most valuable commodity–time. Arise from time in God’s presence and do what He says. God will multiply your wisely invested time from being where He is working to touching other lives for their sake. Now we are finally talking about wise investing in 2013!

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