2013 – The Year Of The RISING



As Herb Marks began to pray about this year, he felt like God told him four specific things regarding what this year will look like and he has decided to share these insights with you. Herb is addressing the forth point in Part I of this blog and will expound on the additional points in the coming weeks.


This year 2013 is the year of the Rising…

It will be a year of blessing.

 1. This year we will need clear discernment by the precious Holy Spirit.

2. We will need to be Holy Spirit led in how and what to invest in financially.

3. We will need His counsel regarding how to invest our most precious asset–time. God will multiply your service this year, so make sure it is not a good idea, rather a God idea.

4. And foremost, The Rising is beginning. For the next three years there will be a new insurgence of those coming to Christ and those returning as prodigals.

America’s excesses are being trimmed off. Our country will not have the deep reserves it once enjoyed because America is hemorrhaging. One of the many reasons America is weakened fiscally is from giving too much of her resources away with hopes of favor internationally. Many countries will turn away from the US as financial support wanes. Some countries will look upon us as an opportunity to be taken advantage of. “Take down the great giant,” will be their cry. France will be less friendly and our allies will be nervous, some will become offended. Others will think it strange America is weakened, losing respect on the international theatre. Relationships will be strained by the shift of diminishing dominance and influence. Watch the dollar.

Many Americans will become disillusioned as America changes. Divided lines will become increasingly contrasting. People will go harder after the ailing American dream and the sad cost will be the delusion of their souls. Yet there will be a rising of those that will once again look to God for their answers. A cross section of Americans will wake and rise to seek God.

Of that rising, many are prodigals fallen by the lures of pleasure and American security. They will come to their senses and seek the God they had forgotten once again. But, not as before. There are some incredible churches out there, and these awakened seekers will gravitate away from churches that coddle and helped them fall asleep and be drawn to churches that speak truth and life. They have had their fill of soft talk, softer action and powerless kingdom building. The gospel they experienced was neutered and ensued with boredom. In their returning to God, they will swing far away from these experiences. They will drive hard after truth, destiny and power. This power is ignited by love, promised by the precious Holy Spirit to those who know they are bankrupt in their soul without Him. If it costs them, all the better. They have no more time to waste; they have already done that. They want action and it needs to be authentic. They will need patience and love with heavy doses of Gods presence for the sake of assurance that they are on the right track.

The risk is, they can be taken advantage of. If anyone says they have Gods presence in their midst and it is only a whipping up of a song and dance, they will leave again, with great mistrust. This can never be! If we don’t love well how can we host the God of love? If we don’t discern His lead well, how can we understand His counsel and wisdom for proper stewarding of His presence of power and love? They will leave as quietly as they came. Oh that the church will heed the call of the cornerstone of the church to maturity for those that are about to come through our doors.

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