A Heavenly Encounter


Blog post by Herb Marks
When I think of what Sought Out gatherings are like, I remember the dessert lady. She was a wonderfully, happy lady with rosy cheeks, blue eyes that sparkled when she spoke and an infectious smile! She was our dessert lady at college. I got to know her very well. Yes, I got more desserts, but I got something more that I wasn’t ready for. She had been to heaven and come back. On her hospital deathbed, fighting a deadly disease, our dessert lady died. Her account of being in heaven brought tears to her eyes every time she spoke of it. She was in heaven for two hours (heaven time) when Jesus sent her back to earth. There was a sheet covering her body so she reached up and removed the sheet covering her face and sat up in a room that wasn’t the hospital room she had died in. She didn’t know where she was or how long she had been gone. One thing for certain—this wasn’t heaven! There is more. Upon leaving heaven, she re-entered her lifeless body and the disease was gone! She was totally healed!

She was changed by an encounter with Jesus in heaven, our great City. We are citizens of that great City. We are subjects of the King who is ruler over all—His name is Jesus.

Sought Out gatherings are driven by His Word and His presence. It is a uniquely powerful time as we humbly accommodate His presence. The Scriptures are the base and His presence comes to confirm the Word. Life and freedom are always the result. It’s not emotionalism or hype, but rather a sometimes nervy encounter of His kingdom touching earth. Author C.S. Lewis once wrote in the Chronicles of Narnia, “Aslan (Jesus) is not a tame Lion.” There have been times when Jesus came in ways that made the hair stand up on our neck, but people always left impacted by this powerful touch from heaven.

One day our dessert lady said to me with tears running down her cheeks, “Herb, every day I ask my Lord to help me with my homesickness for heaven.” She had seen Jesus.

Perhaps after the Sought Out Event on October 23rd, you will have your own encounter with Jesus. That is our prayer.

See you there

– Pursuing God’s Presence
– Focused on the next generation
– Encounter a loving God
– Intimate relationship with God – nothing less!

Join us on Sunday, October 23 @ 7pm for a night of incredible
worship and prophetic ministry.
Event details @ Sought Out Global on Facebook.

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