Sought Out was first launched in the mid 1970’s led by Herb Marks. Sought Out held weekend conferences where people from different churches and denominations gathered together for awesome worship, great teaching and to receive prophetic ministry and inner healing. These gatherings touched the lives of thousands of people and even helped to pave the way for movements of the Holy Spirit in the Northwest region.

In 1995, shortly after Herb and Bethany got married and took a senior pastor position, they felt they should lay down Sought Out and open this new chapter in their lives, so they obediently did so.

Years later in 2011, the Lord made it so clear to Herb and Bethany that it was time to re-launch Sought Out and reach a new generation that is in search of a fresh encounter with Jesus. They also added another member to their team, Christa Pitcairn. Christa was a child when Sought Out first began, but was touched and impacted by Sought Out over the years and is eager to be part of the team to help others have an experience with the heart of Jesus and be transformed by His love.

Sought Out had a re-launching on October 23, 2011 in Mukilteo, Washington, where over 200 people gathered from different churches and various denominations to come and experience Jesus in a fresh new way. It was a powerful time of worship and ministry as we began building the foundation of what God wants to do through Sought Out once again.  Since then, we have continued to travel and minister and we are prayerfully planning for more events. See our calendar for upcoming events.

  1. Mary Harper
    Mary Harper04-21-2015

    I was introduced to Sought Out in the summer of 1984 ,at the age of 16, through the youth group I attended at New Life Center in Everett . We were at Warm Beach camp . This is where I received the Holy Spirit. My husband and I are just finishing up a book that we received from you . As we have been praying and seeking to know where God wants us and and how he wants to prepare is for ministry this book , Hearing God, came just at the right time. I am so thankful to God and to this amazing ministry .

    Thank you ,

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