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Do Fireworks Hurt God’s Feet?


It’s July 4, 2017, as I write this blog, and I am reflecting on this holiday that we in America call Independence Day. There are gatherings of families and friends, “all-American” BBQs complete with hot dogs and hamburgers, parades both big and small, and of course, fireworks! Lots of fireworks. From breath-taking professional displays that make you “ooo and aaah,” to neighborhood celebrations with sparklers, firecrackers, and Roman candles. It’s a time of remembering and honoring the words of our forefathers…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The opening statement of the Declaration of Independence, penned 241 years ago by the Founding Fathers of our nation, was an identity statement, if you will, for our fledgling nation. That one sentence is rich with truth and principles that have guided our country since its inception. There’s much in our history that we could reflect upon, but this year my pondering went in another direction.

I was remembering a brief conversation I had with my then-4-year-old granddaughter as we drove to the grocery store the day after the 4th of July. Out of the blue, she posed a question that both delighted me and gave me pause. Delighted me because I could see the wheels in her little mind turning as she wondered about God, heaven, and fireworks. It gave me pause because it led me to ponder some deeper questions about God, heaven, and yes, fireworks!

Her question was:

“Grandma, do fireworks hurt God’s feet?”

I could almost see her mind picturing God, seated on His throne in heaven, as all the fireworks from earth reached the bottom of his feet. I think she was genuinely concerned about God’s welfare!

Days later, I was still reflecting on Maggie’s question. As other thoughts came, I jotted them down in a poem.

Do Fireworks Hurt God’s Feet?

     Do fireworks hurt God’s feet?

     Heaven’s his throne, you know,

     And earth his footstool.

     But do fireworks hurt God’s feet?

     The wondering, imagining, questioning, of a 4 year old’s mind.
     Do fireworks hurt God’s feet?

     Probably not. But I’ll tell you what might…

     A blade of creativity, sprouting from heart-and-soul soil

     Uprooted and tossed aside by careless words.

     Or the fresh blush of adolescent discovery

     Stolen before its time.

     Or unrequited love

     Or wounds from those intended to heal

     Or hunger pangs that go unfilled/unstilled

     Or shards of shattered dreams

     And hope long gone.

     Do fireworks hurt God’s feet?

     Perhaps not, but these hurt his heart.

      Entering time and space,

     Stepping out of eternity and into his footstool,

     He replants the blade

     Restores the blush

     Returns the love

     Heals the wounds

      Fills the hunger

     Mends the dreams

And becomes one of us.
~ Diane Fink

  1. Sherri Brinkman-Millea
    Sherri Brinkman-Millea07-05-2017

    Beautiful, Diane. Great imagery which helps me so much. Thank you.
    …Sherri Brinkman-Millea

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