SOR-007: The Generations I



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Christa Pitcairn-Smith teaches on the differences of the generations of people and how God uses and honors what each generation brings to the work of the kingdom of God. Originally broadcast for radio on 9/18/14.

1:15-2:25 Mark Grote Introduction

Christa Pitcairn-Smith Teaching on Generations

2:30 Background info from Christa about where she came from and what God has done in her life.
4:00 God is a pouring out God for is so faithful.
6:00 Christa explains she is going to Jesus Culture Chicago.
7:30 Jesus Culture was not an event to her. She doesn’t want anything to do with “events.” But if it’s about an encounter, she’s there!
8:30 Christa said God told her Reinhard Bonnke would have a word for for during his session.
11:00 Many are responding to Bonnke’s messages and ministry.
12:00 Christa has huge burden for America but she gets “wrecked” for God as Bonnke shares video on outreach to Africa.
13:45 Christa explains the anointing of Bonnke and how much of an impact it had on her. She has never experienced anything like it.
15:20 God brings Christa’s attention to the Generations that were in attendance.
16:00 Socially Transmitted Behaviors: God is looking to redeem the generations. Each generations has redemptive gifts.
18:00 Christa begins to do some research on the generations that are alive today.
19:15 From 1901-1924: GI Generation – The “greatest generation” to date.
21:00 From 1925- 1942: Silent Generation

24:00 Mark Grote Close

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