The gift of the salmon


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I had the most vivid dream that I can remember. I was walking on the beach near my home and the tide was out. I could draw the rocks and sand that day, it was that clear. There were piles and piles of bright coral and gorgeous salmon all heaped together in random piles—just like the tide had come in and gone out, leaving them beached. They were not flipping and gasping for breath.  They were laying still and all their eyes were looking at me and following me. I knew they were watching to see what I would do.

It was overwhelming at how many there were! But, it wasn’t in a disaster, panicked way. There was a calm in the dream.

I thought, “These fishes’ lives cannot be wasted.” It was impossible to save them all.  Herb and I picked up three salmon.  They were so large Herb was carrying one on either hip and I was holding one in front of me with both hands. It’s one eye looking up at me, as I hunched down a little, walking with it’s added weight. As we set out towards home I was looking into it’s eye and talking to the fish; thanking it for it’s life.

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I woke up.

I was half-asleep and this dream was so full-color real to me.  I took two or three steps when God asked, “Why did you respond that way?”  He was so clear and crisp.

I replied, “You are right!  Why didn’t I rally all the neighbors, the whole city, we could have all taken salmon home and there still would have been fish left, there were that many on the beach.

I was thinking literally and in the natural, half awake. I have been processing the dream for awhile now.

First, the harvest is in! Ready and looking at us. If each of us gets one there would still be fish left. I understand Matthew 9:38 better. In the Amplified it says, “So pray to the Lord of the harvest to force out and thrust laborers into His harvest.”

Rally-ers send the message out! Leaders it is time to unify! The way we have been doing it, there is not enough room in the natural to hold all the fish, but with God’s way, there is. He IS life! We desperately need His insight. Talk (pray), listen and obey.

Plus, things have changed for me on a personal level.  I grew up on the mission field where God regularly provided for us and made a way above and beyond. So, I do think that way. But, interestingly enough, I have been receiving a lot of gifts. Things that mean something to me, personal and special.  I am a gifts person and it touches my heart that God is so personal and uses people. 🙂

Also, there have been some definite “God saves the day” gifts, as well. He recently helped us in many different ways when we needed a new vehicle because our van died. Wow! His involvement means a great deal. I started a list of all the “salmon” that God has given since this dream. I am very grateful. “God, thank you for the salmon!” Now, I have friends giving me “salmon” gifts because they’ve heard the dream. 🙂

I feel like I am to share this dream and it’s message with everyone I can.  And in doing so, you can join in as well. Ask God for salmon for your own life–His networking with people and His provision.  Be involved and watch what He does. Be grateful and thank God.

There is ——way—— more salmon! It’s our perspective that needs to change.

Why is your perspective not matching God’s view? Go to God and do a 180 degree turn around (the definition of repent). Heaven’s culture is the sweet spot. Let’s live there!

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