4 Timing Is Everything

God’s Impeccable Timing


The service started at 1:30pm in the afternoon. People coming to church in the middle of a sunny Saturday afternoon shows hunger for God, and our God did not disappoint them! I had been sharing numerous words of knowledge when I turned to a lady in the middle of the church. The Holy Spirit’s anointing shifted, becoming more of an establishing governmental presence. This anointing was for installing purposes. The word of knowledge came with several insights that blessed her soul. Then came the word that shifted the current space of influence she lived and functioned in by the spirit to a new place. It was an establishing of a new sphere of responsibility and influence in a five fold office prophetically. (It takes an office to set an office.) I shared this and decreed a change over her life with authority.

Her mother then stood to her feet and removed from her purse a note. It had been written by the lady I was prophesying to and given to her mother for safe keeping. She had entered the church just prior to the start of the service during which time she was taken into a vision. In this vision she saw a clock that read 3:50pm. The word that came with the vision was telling her that at this exact time today God was making a shift in her life. Her mother then said for all to hear, “What time do you see on the clock?” I responded “At this moment the clock is reading 3:50pm.” The church fell silent. A holy moment. Then I asked the people, what are the chances of this happening?! The precious Holy Spirit had been moving in our midst for more than 2 hours.

People had been healed, encouraged by numerous prophetic words of knowledge and insight and some received imparted annointings. There were some who trembled by His power and others who experienced profound heat in their bodies by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Many had stood for times of prayer and ministry. A lot happened in those two hours, yet God made sure that this woman did not miss her moment. What amazing orchestration of perfect timing.

We were amazed at how precise God can be. What are the chances for such perfection and precision to coordinate a gathering of the human condition into a time lock of exact proportions? It was exactly 3:50pm, not 3:51, not 3:49. He holds time in His hand and miracles for His people. His timing is impeccable; leave your worries in His care. God is never late if you trust Him for your yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). This is a wonderful reminder of how He watches over us with a loving and watchful eye. Place your trust in Him, He holds nations in His hand and determines our times and even where we are to live (Acts 17:26)!

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