Jesus Revealed

Jesus Revealed


Hearing God is easier than most people believe. It is the natural result of a reborn Believer. Once the life of Christ is released into us, it’s like turning on the radio. It’s always been there, just never been plugged in. Our radio for the first time is receiving power! The word prophecy can be an intimidating word. But I assure you, it is simply the fact that God is saying something. And what he is saying is meant for us to hear.

Revelation 19:10 says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. The Holy Spirit points to the love of God through Jesus Christ. Everything accomplished by King Jesus is revealed by the prophetic nature of the Holy Spirit. The precious and powerful Holy Spirit prophetically reveals to the world Jesus Christ. Prophecy is Jesus revealed.

Once we begin to catch that Jesus continues to be revealed, that this is unending because He is without end, the will of God for our lives also continues real time for our every step. When your heart pounds for God’s opinion above all else, get ready for the purposed will of God to be expressed in your daily decisions characterized by your chosen default—Jesus’ opinion. You heard it right. What is He thinking and are you asking?

Let’s continue. Proverbs says, “Though it cost all you have, get wisdom.” What is wisdom?  I think it is imperative that we know how to carry forward information God reveals to us. Wisdom gives the instruction “how to.” How to move ahead with what has been opened to you from the Holy Spirit. What to do with what you have been told. It is here the Bible says go after it, get wisdom.

What’s your default?  If His opinion is your first priority, then wisdom finds you. Let me end with this thought. Prayer makes your heart able.

Jude 20 mentions, “…build yourself up in the most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.” In my experience, I have never been able to know and keep revelation without praying in the Spirit. John Wimber said, “ I don’t know how it works, I do know when we pray in tongues we get revelation.” I concur. Praying in the Spirit creates a landing pad for kingdom insight to land. I have only been successful receiving eyes for the kingdom after times of praying in the Spirit and being in His presence. 

Hell wages war against the praying in the Spirit, the kind of prayer that Paul says he does more than us all. Paul got it. We must as well. Prayer aligns you to experience the climate and atmosphere of the King and His Kingdom. As this begins to happen to a person, they are altered forever, fitting for the fact that we are changed more and more into Christ’s likeness. Probably so we can grow into our inheritance as citizens of that kingdom now, to touch earth!

– Herb Marks

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    Justin Vorhees09-03-2015

    Great word, thank you!

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