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Early one May morning I woke to the sound of roaring.

“Lord”, I asked, “that’s not the sound of lions roaring, it sounds more like the roaring of large waves hitting the beach…what is it?”

I started to see (in my minds/spirit eye) large waves rolling in on the shore. These were the large rollers that the surfers like in Southern California or Hawaii. It must have been just before or after a storm out at sea, because these were enormous billows and more violent than usual. It sounded like a loud, steady ‘roar.’

“What do have in mind with all of this, Lord?” I inquired again, and we started to talk.

I remember boogie boarding in much smaller waves near San Diego, and even then it was dangerous. If you lost your balance or hit the sides, the wave would take you, roll you, causing you to eat sand at the bottom and rip off pieces of your bathing suit. It would leave you to struggle and fight against its strength to get to the surface to breathe. Looking at those huge, more tempestuous waves, I exclaimed:

“Lord! These waves are scary, risky and dangerous!”

“Well…,” the Lord replied back, “it depends on what perspective you are seeing them with. What does a surfer see when he looks at waves like these?”

“Wow! “ As my mindset started to shift, “he sees the ride of his lifetime!”

“You can either see adversity through natural circumstances, or you can let me show you, through the eyes of the prophetic (surfer!), a great opportunity.”

Adversity vs. Opportunity

“Which eyes are you seeing through? Let me take you on the ride of your life. I will be your board. I will keep your balance. Just keep your eyes on me. Do not look to what seems to surround you. Do not look to your right or to your left. I will cause you to ride through the eye of your circumstances like a surfer rides through the eye of a giant wave. I am doing this deep work in you. Trust me. You are in my transition now.”  

– Christy Mawet


A ‘Crafted’ Prophetic Word

Psalm 42:7 AMP

V.7 (Roaring) (7580) deep (8415) calls (6963) to (roaring) deep (8415)

“I will proclaim out of my deepest surging supply to the deepest areas of your heart intention and desires.”

At the voice (noise) (6963) of your waterspouts (6794)

“I will stir you up – I will agitate you – I will move you into the depth of your vulnerability with me. I will call aloud your destiny forth and out of you. This restructuring will be a thundering and noisy process, but I will make my voice known to you. You will know the difference between my roaring proclamation as I lay claim to who and what is mine and the adversary’s roaring tumult that tries to surround you (Psalm. 65:7).

All your breakers and your rolling waves have gone over me (primary root: to bring to birth – breakthrough of water).

My crushing billows roll over you, breaking you, causing you to commit to this birthing process. Your water has broken, the thin membrane has burst. I will bring to the birth what I have been developing in you. It is not a time to run. Where would you go? It is the time for the breaking work of birthing. Yup, now you’re committed! All my rolling breakers (waves) have gone over you causing you to transition, to cross over into the new I have for you. (Psalm. 37:5)

It may seem hard, but oh… what a ride! Trust Me. I will keep your balance, I will give you vision. I have set you on an accelerated pace. It will go fast!”

 Prov. 29:18

Where there is no vision (prophetic revelation) the people perish (cast off restraint – loose heart) but he who keeps the law is blessed.


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