SOR-002: Getting Ready for Revival


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In this edition of Sought Our Radio,  Hosts Herb Marks, Bethany Marks, Christa Pitcairn-Smith and Mark Grote discuss revival. What is revival? When does revival occur? What is God looking for in the next coming revival? Is there something that we need to do before it comes? And what can we do to help encourage revival?  Show notes:

1. How would you define revival?  02:30 – Jesus is the bridge to everlasting life. We are changed after our encounter with God.
2. What are people saying about revival?  04:45 – Revival is produced from desperation and it starts with us. More of God changes us.
3. People are sitting in church dissatisfied. Desperation brings on a pursuit of God. 08:15
4. Allowing our conscience to be seared is the first step in hearing God. 11:30 – Pornography will kill a conscience quicker than anything.
5. Dream interpretation by word of knowledge is the same gifting as those used for evil by psychics or the enemy with sin that draws us to it.  12:30
6. Women at the well. 14:00 – Jesus addresses the state of her life knowing that she is searching for more.
7.  Frustrations in our life is usually a catalyst for change. 18:00 – Things that frustrate us will push us toward God.
8. Prophetic Ministry. 21:30

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