SOR-009: The Generations III


Herb Marks, Bethany Marks, Mark Grote and Theresa Grote discuss the teaching of Christa Pitcairn-Smith on the generations and help apply some principles of the generations to the church today. Originally broadcast for radio on 10/02/14.

Introduction to Generations III

2:30 – Bethany Marks and what she identifies with about being more of a Gen-X’er more so that being a Baby Boomer.

4:00 – Herb Marks – Praying that new generations see the value and honor and respect of those who came before them. If they are looked back with honor preserves our past and brings us where we are today.

5:30 – Mark Grote – Younger generations don’t know how to relate with older generations and lack exposure makes it hard to build those relational bridges. A lot of might be misunderstanding rather than dishonor.

6:45 – Herb Marks – The more we spend time with someone with people we don’t the more we learn to appreciate them. We need to be people who are listening because they have a history to impart to use.

8:40 – Theresa Grote – One of things we need to get a hold of us how deliberate God is how much he wants us to be deliberate and intentional as well.

9:30 – Herb Marks – The word of the Lord came to Herb that God will be releasing in America another revival and for that to happen that church needs to be in unity and all generations needed to be appreciated by each other.

11:20 – Mark Grote – Our ceiling is supposed to be the floor of the generation that comes next to us. They are to build upon us and take what we have already established and help them launch from wherever we left off. The prophetic speaks identity into people so they can learn their part and their identity.

14:15 – Theresa Grote – God called Gideon out of before he stepped into the next season of his life. Specifically, God call Gideon “Mighty Warrior” before he was a warrior. Unity is important key for the church but it’s not conformity. We are all different, but we honor each other within those differences we still honor.

15:40 – Herb Marks – It’s crucial to know how we’re made and how unique each one of us is.  To honor that and to look at the other generations knowing that God made them unique too and to know that so that we don’t battle them of something. Move into what I called you to be. Celebrating our differences is an art form.

16:30 – Mark Grote – That’s a radical thought. We’re afraid at times that unknowns are not trustworthy and therefore we tend to overly control.

17:00 – Herb Marks – Some of the outward expressions like the prophetic have not been represented well. When we allow the Holy Spirit to express himself as he would choose, it would take us out of our western thinking. The Holy Spirit will come with the same zeal for souls as he did when Jesus was here. Why is it sometimes we want to make our environment so safe when if the Holy Spirit was in charge he would rock our walls. Generationally, there’s a whole new slate that has yet to be written on and this generation is about to write on it.

19:45 – Theresa Grote – It’s a cry of my heart that God could be who he is when we meet together. God is asking: “Will you let me bring you into places that perhaps you don’t have experience in because I want to show you you things you haven’t seen before.”  We shouldn’t hinder what God is doing because of fear and a tendency to control. God wants to bust us out and we need to be willing.

21:00 – Mark Grote – Do we trust God enough? For instance, if we haven’t seen a certain manifestation before, or if it’s not been recorded in the bible does that mean that God can’t express himself in that new way today? Is God boxed in by his word that he can’t manifest himself or Spirit in a new and different way without people thinking that’s not God?

21:45 – Mark Grote – I wrote about Fire Tunnels, a great source of attack from others in the faith. I asked what is so wrong with walking past people as they lay hands on me and prayer. What’s wrong with that?

22:00 – Theresa Grote – Young people are risk takers.

22:40 – Bethany Marks – If God doesn’t help us to bring ourselves together, we are going to be trouble Him.


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