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    “And when they had broken through…”


    I’d read the story many times. It was so familiar. Jesus is teaching and a paraplegic is brought to Him by his friends. Unable to get through the crowd squeezing in the house, they determine to take their friend up to the roof, break through …

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    Violet’s Surprise


    I’m not much of a gardener. In fact, truth be told, I don’t even like gardening. I feel sacrilegious even saying that, seeing that I live in the Northwest where everyone gardens. I get green with envy (pun intended) when I see the pristine, well-tended, …

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  • 12th Man

    This is Just the Beginning of Something


      I realize I may elicit the ire of some for “spiritualizing” the Super Bowl, but I believe ALL of life is spiritual. Too often we tend to compartmentalize our lives into the secular and the spiritual when, in fact, God is in everything. SEA—H-A-W-K-S …..Go Hawks! …

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