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  • Fireworks 804838 1920

    Do Fireworks Hurt God’s Feet?


    It’s July 4, 2017, as I write this blog, and I am reflecting on this holiday that we in America call Independence Day. There are gatherings of families and friends, “all-American” BBQs complete with hot dogs and hamburgers, parades both big and small, and of …

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  • Thorn Tree Sossusvlei Namib Desert Namibia Luca Galuzzi 2004a

    Out of the Glory, into the Desert


      The piercing scream that shot out of the young mother’s lips, standing in the crowd of seekers with her crippled child, caught Philip so off guard that he jumped back, as if someone had poked him with a stick. “I can’t believe this is …

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  • Breakthrough Fist Wall 23500364 Ml 610x300

    “And when they had broken through…”


    I’d read the story many times. It was so familiar. Jesus is teaching and a paraplegic is brought to Him by his friends. Unable to get through the crowd squeezing in the house, they determine to take their friend up to the roof, break through …

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