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  • Blog Graphic Is It My Imagination

    Is it my imagination?


    Faith has never been a problem for me, as a matter of fact, from my earliest memories I can never remember a day in my life that I didn’t believe and exercise my faith.  Yes sir, not only have I always had faith, but there …

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  • Father And Son

    A Dad’s Journey (A Parent in Process): Part 2


    A while ago I watched as my son chased a ball he missed while we were playing catch. I cried out to watch for cars–too late. He was in the street as a Mercedes SUV came to a stop. He didn’t see the SUV until …

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  • SunRise



    Blog Post by: By Bethany Marks Have you ever doubted that there was a God? Thought that if He did exist that He was uncaring and detached? Tried to balance what you know about Him to what you have experienced and came up short? Except …

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