It’s time



Recently, I’ve noticed something. God’s a little quieter than usual. But I can feel Him at work more than ever. Something has changed. Something has shifted. Like the calm before the storm, I feel like heaven is wanting to explode. In my own vulnerability I am feeling Him deeper, loving Him more and my usual thick skin is significantly thinner. The more exposed I become, the more aware I am of Him.

Where my feet were once dug in, I now feel shifting. I’m standing squarely on the ground. Do I stay put? Do I move to the side? Do I plunge forward? Or do I adjust my stance and dig my heels back in?

I’m readjusting, allowing His hands to move my feet. I see Him putting one heel back in the ground, going even deeper than before and the other foot is pushing forward going up and out to the right ready to take on an offensive stance. I can feel the repositioning that is taking place.

its time the last sam

I see new orders being handed out with deployment dates stamped across the top. Appointments with destiny await and the army arises. What seemed desolate and lifeless is filled with the cries of an army–wanting, waiting, contending.

At the top of their lungs they cry, “NOW!” and they pursue–no fear, completely undaunted by the obstacles they see before them. They don’t look to the right or to the left, only straight ahead. Total focus, unwavering commitment to the orders they have been given. It’s time o’ radical ones. It’s time o’ unwavering ones. He’s calling the brave and the ones that love with total abandon.

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