SOR-003: Understanding Prophecy


Herb Marks, Bethany Marks, Christa Pitcairn-Smith and Mark Grote, host Sought Out Radio & discuss prophecy relative to our walk with God as well as in the context of responsible prophecy in ministry.  Originally broadcast for radio on Aug. 7, 2014 this discussion will encourage and excite you to deepen your walk with God and hear his voice more clearly in your life.

Show Notes:

Understanding Prophecy

What are prophets really like?

4:20 – The story of Samuel and Eli. Samuel was a boy that was anxious to please.
God first puts opportunities to put mentors in our lives. When we get the opportunity to speak in someone’s life we have to take that seriously and responsibly.

6:20 – When it comes to hearing God, He is committed to us until we get it. Let’s demystify this idea of hearing God. Hearing God is a core component of relationship.

8:00 – Jesus said I never knew you because they never asked him his opinion.  What is he saying and what is our reason for doing certain things?

10:00 – What is the purpose of the prophetic and how do we release it into our lives.
Get around people who are prophetic.
Need to get into a prophetic culture and get in with people who are stronger in than ourselves.

11:30 – We get passionate about things when God encounters us in a personal way.

12:45 – Are we spiritualizing our thoughts?
What are people afraid of?
We’re taping into the spirit of God on behalf of other people.  These are gifts that edify and encourage others. It’s simply calling out a detailed fact or information about people that is shared through the gifting.

16:00 – People listening are prophetic. The role the prophetic and how it should work.
17:40- For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. The Holy Spirit is as work today pointing people to Jesus. The revelation of God is upon his Son Jesus.

20:00 – Prophecy to listeners who want to hear God.

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