Heaven Touching Earth


Miracles have a way of turning heads and capturing attention. The most profound miracle I have ever heard of was from a close friend of mine.  It is a story of a young girl in another country who had no legs.  Her father carried her more than 20 miles to a crusade. Born from birth without legs, it was witnessed by the thousands attending the crusade that her legs were simply non-existent.

After receiving prayer, she cried out “Daddy, put me down!” There was a sound like the crack of lightening that hit the stage.  By the time her father put her down she was standing upon two new legs that grew out miraculously. Every person at the crusade in that wet field fell to their faces. Complete villages were impacted by this miracle and they confessed Christ for who He is—Savior and God. The people in that region knew the girl from birth and knew that this was indeed a real life miracle.

Hebrews 13:8 states Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I suppose we need to agree with the book that cannot, like its author, lie. God loves to grant miracles. I would that we could love to ask as much as He loves to grant miracles. I am speaking from a culture of love, expectation and miracles, not from fear or despair, which is very real when a loved one is at deaths door. I am longing for us to have a desire and affection for the culture of miracles.

Miracles represent Jesus’ heart of love to set a person free, they represent the reality of a kingdom more authentic than this one. It is an invasion of heaven into those culturally accepted norms that fall desperately short of heaven and leaves people hurt and broken. It is a paradigm with the authority to remove a fallen authority that seeks to ruin people’s lives and destinies. It is heaven touching earth. I believe it can become more and more normal if we let Jesus lead us into expectation by way of conversation with Him. He will lead you into a lifetime of discourse if you ask. Oh my! The things we would learn if we would do this one simple thing—ask! It would rock our world! Miracles are part of it.

Remember the guys who said “Lord, Lord didn’t we heal the sick and cast out demons and perform many miracles”? Jesus’ response was a shocker, “depart from me, I don’t know you.” They did the stuff but didn’t care to ask His opinion. “Do I know you?”  Bottom line is, does Jesus know you and are you interested in heaven making its home in your heart? It all begins when you call on Him. He is ready to answer!

Isaiah 61:1-3 and Luke 4:18-19 are Sought Out’s mandate. Jesus came to heal, set people free and make minds right and install destinies. Sought Out’s intent is to introduce people to the authentic experience of heaven touching earth. Don’t miss our gatherings!

Coming Soon!  Check Sought Out Global’s media tab. We will be posting miracle testimonies.

See you at the next Sought Out. There are miracles happening!


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