Jesus dysfunctional…really?


Blog post by By Bethany Marks

Jesus had every dysfunctional excuse that we have ever used:
– His mother, Mary, was viewed as immoral woman and a liar because she was pregnant before marriage and claimed to be a virgin.
– Society viewed His stepfather, Joseph, as either the man who got her pregnant or the man who helped Mary by marrying her.
– Jesus was viewed as an illegitimate child.
– His dad and mom left Him when He was 12 and completely forgot about Him for 1 day. He was missing for 3 days.
– His parents did not attend when Jesus was debating with church leaders.
– They did not understand Him—what was important to Him.
– Satan took advantage of Jesus when He was in a weak place and tempted Him with physical needs, power and worshiping something above God.
– Jesus hung out with people who were viewed badly in society: thieves, sexual deviants, drunks, corrupt businessmen and prostitutes.
– All of His friends left Him in crisis. (example: when the army arrived to arrest Him)
– He was a single man who never married—a virgin at 33.
– He was accused of breaking church laws.
– His leadership was challenged.
– His knowledge was disputed.
– Jesus was arrested and accused of crimes.
– People gossiped about Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s relationship—she had been a prostitute.
– He was abused by the military.
– He was abused by the government.
– He was abused by church leaders.
– He was rejected in His home town and by His country.
– God, His Father, abandoned Him—Jesus who had done everything to please His Father.

Jesus had to choose His heart condition and His attitude towards God when what God asked Him to do made no sense. He chose the best way to walk out every situation. Jesus chose to trust God and run to God in every instance. He obeyed God. He faced and wrestled through obedience, costing Him everything valuable in this life. In the end, He was misunderstood, was tortured and died because He obeyed God.

Unconscionable! Unbelievable! But that is not where it ends.

Jesus was not only reunited with His Father, but was given the highest authority by God. Because Jesus understands everything that we go through, He is our attorney. Satan is the prosecutor—our accuser. Jesus is constantly intermediating before God (the just judge) on our behalf. You see, because of Jesus’ attitudes and decisions, He was obedient and perfect. Jesus became the replacement for us before God, for our sins.

We can have all that God intended for us from the very beginning, the things we were designed for—our core values, identities, purposes, etc. We just have to get first things first: get our relationship right with God through Jesus. Start communicating and learning from another view. God is the component we need—the missing piece.

Jesus didn’t allow dysfunction in His life as an excuse. He lived life optimally—not only for Himself, but for all of us as well! Read the Bible, the writings about God and Jesus, for yourself. Check for yourself the points I have made about the dysfunction Jesus rose above. You will find yourself in the pages; you will see situations that correlate to your life today. I challenge you… dig deeper into Jesus.

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